At Glenbrook Paddle Club we will be using junior sized courts and equipment. There has been some controversy over whether or not learning on smaller courts is beneficial for young tennis players but we are under the firm belief that starting children on smaller courts is an essential part of the process of learning and growing as a player. The two main reasons are below.


The main reason that we find it to be so important is that it allows the students to learn proper techniques and body control on a court that is more proportional to their size, just like in other sports like youth baseball, basketball, and soccer. As the children grow and develop they will be training their bodies to play in the proper angles and track the ball from the right perspective.


Another reason for choosing smaller courts for younger children is that they tend to achieve success faster. Using equipment that is tailored for young players allows them to move quicker and learn faster. Within a short time the kids are successfully able to hit the ball over the net and participate in a meaningful way. This will help ensure that the child’s first experience with tennis will be a positive one.

We hope that you will quickly see the benefits to your child by utilizing the appropriately sized courts.